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Here’s a great review of our covers EP by Mr Arditi. It says things like “I’m happy to call them one of the best bands in the UK underground today (or in other words, one of the best bands in the UK)” and the EP is “the coolest thing in the history of the universe this week”.

Not bad at all.

Thanks again Oliver for your kind words.

Scroll down for the full review as well as a number of reviews for interesting work by other artists.

Oliver Arditi

See You At 7The Stringers – See You At 7 (alternative rock) 

£0+ DD

The Stringers are a four-piece from Ontario, that plays rock music of the old school – which doesn’t mean that it’s ‘old-fashioned’, but that it’s pop music, god dammit! This is entertainment, with no pretensions to any kind of creative territory beyond that compass; all too often that can imply some kind of highly manufactured, overly polished and self-consciously vapid ‘product’, but this is all about melodies, grooves and the raw sound of musicians making it happen together. Crisp, tight performances are represented in an immediate, close-quarters production, through arrangements that evince a good understanding of the small rock group’s expressive potential, without descending into ‘cleverness’. A variety of bespoke, guitar-based textures animate each lyrical mood, exploding at some point in each song into an outpouring of high-octane enthusiasm, bound together in a matrix of rock-solid percussion…

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