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Black Hay Album Review on

Mr Neil Mason from did our first write up for the new album on his site the other day. I have to say it’s a highly flattering piece with a hefty amount of feeling in it. What a guy.

You can check out the full piece at


Some of the choice quotes were:

“it fair stopped us dead in our tracks. It’s dark, Jim. And it’s rude, dirty rude. And there’s an album of this stuff”

“…where it really parks tanks is the duo of “Open Up” and “Lord Rest My Soul”. In these two songs you can hear an artist going places. They sound like songs way beyond a debut from an unsigned artist.”

“If the piano gospel of “Lord Rest My Soul” is in any way some indication of where Black Hay are headed, consider this a warning. We might have just written about a band who we can finally say told you so about.

The album is out on 16 March, don’t muck about eh? Get it. Consider it an investment.”


So you’ve been told. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

PS ‘Parks tanks‘ is now one of my new favourite descriptive phrases. Stolen.


Night of the Furies – Black Hay live in Hoxton

Night of the Furies

Hey folks,

London folks that is. We’re playing this Thursday 27th Febrary at the Macbeth in Hoxton with our friends JB Newman, and Georges Kaplan Presents…

The night is ours quite literally – the event is being organised by our three acts. We’ll also have our mate Darren Delany MCing and doing some magic as well as another band called the Dublo getting in on the action.


We’ve done this kind of thing before, playing with JB and George. They’re kind of our brother bands, and we’re all mates so it has made sense to put on our own shows. We work well together and actually promote the events (unlike some folks wielding that title) and care about the details. We’ve been trying to make it so the night is more than just a bunch of bands playing together, hence having a magician this time, prizes, competitions etc.

Since we’ve started to make a trend of putting nights and all of us playing, we’ve started an event page for all our nights called ‘Speak No Evil‘. I’m presuming it’s named after the Wayne Shorter record but the guys from GKP chose the name so you’ll have to ask them.

And just look at that beautiful poster… Designed and illustrated by a Mr Dan Strange of Think Strange illustrations. A twisted and talented young scoundrel who has also been hard at work on our album artwork, so watch out for that.


The facebook event can be found HERE.

If you happen to be a London-based loon, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better show going on this Thursday night with anywhere near the same level of atmosphere or pheromones. THAT, I can almost guarantee.


Here are some recordings of songs you might be hearing on the night. Of course recordings can only do so much to convey the feeling of being up close in the armpit of the sweating beast.





Black Hay on Future Radio

To anyone out there in the next few minutes who happens to be reading this, 3pm (UK time) Today –  (Monday 17 Feb) – Future Radio will be playing their ‘Unheard of’ show, including tunes from Wilde, Kiites, Grandaddy, Jetboy DC, Death Rattle, The Sandmen, Black Hay and Jacques Caramac…

You can check it out here:



Video: I Feel Something

And on a similar note, we’re also very happy to be able to finally share the video we made for this song, our single I Feel Something.

It was all self-produced, financed etc. the inimitable Joshua Kahan came up with the initial concept for the video and directed it.

We had the privilege of working with some great people on this – patient, thorough, committed. True professionals.

We were also graced with the presence of Missa Blue, who if you haven’t heard of you should check out some of her performance videos immediately. She does some crazy things with candles.

Full list of credits on the video:

Video Directed by Joshua Kahan
Editing: Alessandro Zangirolami

Anna Tosh Hall
Missa Blue

Ben Millar – Director of Photography
Patricia Delgado – 1st Camera Assistant
Anton Badstuber – 2nd Camera Assistant
Alice Woodward – Make Up/Props

Thanks to Shoot Blue

Let us know what you think of the video. Would love to hear opinions and feedback as there are plans to make more of these jobbies in the future.

Single Release: I Feel Something

I Feel Something Single Cover 1000x1000

Proud to announce that we will be officially releasing  our first single from the forthcoming album. ‘I Feel Something’ will be out on the 14th February 2014 – Valentine’s Day.

And about time.

You can buy it from our Bandcamp page.

The song was produced by David Ezra and myself and features, amongst other things, the wonderful vocals of my dear friend Anna Tosh Hall, formerly of Shotgun Venus and The Self, now playing kickass guitar for Love Nor Money.

Stay tooned for more about shows and other little tidbits.




Gideon Milkyboy


I’m Gideon, and I’m writing about my band Black Hay. We’re slightly weird and perverted form of rock band from London. It’s only really become a proper band again relatively recently though; before that it was just me writing songs and making records for the sake of making music that is important to me. We’ll get to all of that in due time.

So, why start a blog?

Why the fuck not?

The new year seems like as good a time as any to take new initiative. If you’re one of those people who occasionally turns on the radio or TV and thinks “Who is it they make crap for? It’s certainly not me.” Then I reckon there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find something to like about Black Hay.

If we work on the (bogus) assumption that 90% of the planet won’t have any use for this music, that leaves a good 10%. The current estimate of world population is around 7.1 billion people, and 10% of that is 71 million. So this blog is part of an attempt to reach out and speak to those people. Whoever they are.

The main point of this blog is just to have a place where we can share stories and anecdotes about various adventures we get up to, people we meet, things we find out. we think is important from the vantage point of our little corner.

Obviously, it being a band we’re going to tell you about gigs, releases, projects, and that kind of thing but we’re hoping to make things a little more intriguing than the typical spinal tap-isms of your average guitar-wielding knob-jockey.

The comments section is open, and encouraged, and unless it’s ridiculously inappropriate or spammy, will be left for all to see – any and all critiques, criticisms and feedback are well-received.

That’s it as far as introductions go for now.

Happy new year. It’s going to be a good one.