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Black Hay Album Review on

Mr Neil Mason from did our first write up for the new album on his site the other day. I have to say it’s a highly flattering piece with a hefty amount of feeling in it. What a guy.

You can check out the full piece at


Some of the choice quotes were:

“it fair stopped us dead in our tracks. It’s dark, Jim. And it’s rude, dirty rude. And there’s an album of this stuff”

“…where it really parks tanks is the duo of “Open Up” and “Lord Rest My Soul”. In these two songs you can hear an artist going places. They sound like songs way beyond a debut from an unsigned artist.”

“If the piano gospel of “Lord Rest My Soul” is in any way some indication of where Black Hay are headed, consider this a warning. We might have just written about a band who we can finally say told you so about.

The album is out on 16 March, don’t muck about eh? Get it. Consider it an investment.”


So you’ve been told. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

PS ‘Parks tanks‘ is now one of my new favourite descriptive phrases. Stolen.


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