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Here’s a great review of our covers EP by Mr Arditi. It says things like “I’m happy to call them one of the best bands in the UK underground today (or in other words, one of the best bands in the UK)” and the EP is “the coolest thing in the history of the universe this week”.

Not bad at all.

Thanks again Oliver for your kind words.

Scroll down for the full review as well as a number of reviews for interesting work by other artists.

Oliver Arditi

See You At 7The Stringers – See You At 7 (alternative rock) 

£0+ DD

The Stringers are a four-piece from Ontario, that plays rock music of the old school – which doesn’t mean that it’s ‘old-fashioned’, but that it’s pop music, god dammit! This is entertainment, with no pretensions to any kind of creative territory beyond that compass; all too often that can imply some kind of highly manufactured, overly polished and self-consciously vapid ‘product’, but this is all about melodies, grooves and the raw sound of musicians making it happen together. Crisp, tight performances are represented in an immediate, close-quarters production, through arrangements that evince a good understanding of the small rock group’s expressive potential, without descending into ‘cleverness’. A variety of bespoke, guitar-based textures animate each lyrical mood, exploding at some point in each song into an outpouring of high-octane enthusiasm, bound together in a matrix of rock-solid percussion…

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Kick Out The Jams – Striker Bill Review – Sunday Under Cover


Those lovely folks over at Striker Bill have given us a great write-up on their site. They frequently look at all sorts of cover versions by all sorts of musicians and had this to say about our version of the MC5’s ‘Kick Out The Jams’:


“To try to cover this song, long placed in the upper echelon of rock & roll guitar tracks, in this manner is equally a bold statement and an exercise in insanity. Yet the band makes it work, and the results are surprisingly compelling and mesmeric.”


A rather nice review, I think it’s fair to say. Thank you very much indeed.

You can check out the full review at

Imitating The Jams – Covers EP


Imitating the Jams 2000x2000 Jan2015

We’re releasing an EP of covers this Friday the 13th. It’s called ‘Imitating The Jams’ and the tracklisting is as follows:

1. Kick Out The Jams (MC5 Cover)
2. Some Candy Talking (Jesus and Mary Chain Cover)
3. Imitating Angels (Nymphs Cover)
4. Sailin’ On (Bad Brains Cover)

As well as being available on our bandcamp page, the EP will be available on Loudr, itunes, Amazon, and a whole bunch of other internet downloading sites we’ve never really heard of or used before. How exciting.

The EP was self-recorded and was mixed and mastered by our pal Ariel Lerner at  Little Wolf Studios.

Would love to hear what you think about our versions of these killer songs.


Romantic Music For Perverts Album Review by Oliver Arditi

We’ve been pretty off-the-ball about posting anything recently, and have been keeping relatively secluded in our activities, but that doesn’t excuse the oversight of not posting up this brilliant review of our album by Oliver Arditi on his music blog.

He’s an excellent music writer, very incisive with his observations and seems to really get what the artists he is reviewing are trying to do.

Mind you, I would say that given some of the praise he gave our album:

“Swaggering rock-noir that seeks out the seam of self-harming, death-trip paranoia submerged beneath the entertaining surface of rock ‘n’ roll and drags it struggling and squirming into the light.”

“Black Hay’s debut album is a lot of fun, a darkly humorous and musically powerful take on sex, death and all of that rock ’n’ roll psychodrama malarkey.”

And my favourite

“There’s a spin on this material, a critical edge in the way its presented, that lifts it from the entertainingly stylish to the surpassingly excellent.”


Make sure you check out Oliver’s site – he’s got loads of great music on there you probably haven’t heard of. That’s how I discovered Blackwalls, who were one of my musical highs of 2014.

Thanks again, Oliver.



Trash Blog Live Review: Black Hay at Speak No Evil 24.07.14


Kate from Trash Blog and BSTV came down to the last Speak No Evil night at the Macbeth in Hoxton. As I’ve mentioned previously, Speak No Evil is the monthly music event we help organise along with our friends in Georges Kaplan Presents… and JB Newman & the Black Letter Band.

Kate has written a really flattering blog piece about that night, and a rather complimentary summation of our musical efforts on the Black Hay front, including our “wonderfully croonerish quality that references the darker side of Johnny Cash” and “beautiful, maudlin textures” amongst other things.

Many thanks, Kate.


You can check out what this fine young lady has to say over here:





‘I Feel Something’ featured on Sex Music Blog + Free Download

Sex Music

SexMusic.tumblr, also known as has featured or song ‘I Feel Something’ on their blog. Given that their blog is dedicated to ‘music to have sex to’, we must admit to feeling right at home with the sentiment and bang-on target.

The track is available for a limited amount of time as a free download and you need only visit the link below to claim a download code for the track. Isn’t that splendid?

Against The Odds – Album Review

Those lovely folks at Against The Odds have been giving us a bit of blog love recently.

They called the album “Shamelessly good rock served in the most unpardonable of ways” and suggest that it is “played after midnight when you’ll enjoy it’s beauty to the fullest”.

Guess you’ve been told, kids.